About Us

A Florida appraisal management company providing timely appraisal solutions by connecting our dedicated team with highly qualified, top performing appraisers all over the State. The appraisal process is a critical component of the lending process – something understood by our knowledgeable and proactive thinking team that makes up Professional Valuations Management.

ProValu focuses on customer service and delivering results. We provide customized appraisal solutions, ensuring that our clients receive exactly what they need. Our goal is to be a leader in the field of collateral valuation, through the use of data and technology. We strive to meet our clients goals in a proactive manner, through excellent customer service and service-orientated solutions. We value accountability. We strive to never be the reason your deal is delayed or communication is lost.

Service Orientated

As a client of ProValu, you will have an account manager that will serve as a single point of contact for your orders. You will not be passed from one representative to another. This promotes accountability and creates efficiency. You can reach out to your account manager at any time and get updates and the status of your orders.

Data Driven

We collect more data than the average appraisal management company. Why? Simple. Data doesn’t lie and always provides a clear and concise picture of historical performance. Our data allows us to identify the best and most qualified appraisers across the country. This allows us to confidently assign the best local appraiser for your order.

Quality Focused

We use a 3 tiered approach to quality control

Tier 1: The appraisal report is subject to a customized pre-screen check prior to submission, allowing our vendors to address commonly seen errors and issues.
Tier 2: The report is then subject to a manual review by a Certified Appraiser against a comprehensive checklist that is customized per client requirements.
Tier 3: The report is finally subject to the automated quality control review by RealView, an industry-leading platform designed by Platinum Data Solutions.

Technology Based

We keep current with technology; it allows us to provide the most advanced, efficient and customized solutions to your appraisal needs. Our appraisal management software is integrated with the leading Loan Origination Software (LOS) available in the market to ensure that our clients have a streamlined appraisal ordering and tracking experience.