Through ProValu technology partnerships, we offer an automated appraisal review into our system in order to provide lenders a powerful tool for ensuring compliance with regulations, avoid costly errors and save hours of review time.

Reviews now go far beyond the form-checking appraisal review software. It reviews, analyzes and scores appraisals with far more depth, consistency and accuracy than a human or other technology ever could.

It fluidly adapts to virtually any business process and presents decoded findings in seconds. It’s the first analytic and business intelligence technology for appraisals. It is also the only software that includes elements like context and history when screening for thousands of factors that can compromise appraisal quality.

This innovative, configurable and highly sophisticated platform significantly enhances appraisal quality control and assurance. This empowers Banks, Credit Unions, and Mortgage Lenders to thoroughly and quickly review appraisals with a significant reduction – as much as 60% – in review time and errors.

Automated appraisal review process:

  • 2,500+ business rules and USPAP guidelines reviewed
  • 1300+ specific data points analyzed
  • Appraisal information compared to custom review rule set(s) established by client, lenders, investors, etc.
  • Exceptions to the custom appraisal review rule set communicated directly to impacted parties — appraiser, reviewer, lender — so necessary actions can be taken to speed the completion of high quality appraisals.
  • Appraiser license status verified.
  • Public record, local listing and pending sale data gathered and provided for additional insight on trends and comparable properties.
  • Sales price movement, market risk and potential mortgage fraud detected.

In addition to our powerful automated review process, we also provide manual reviews for each individual appraisal by a Certified Appraiser.