Byte Software


Byte SoftwareProValu is integrated with Byte Software’s BytePro loan origination software (LOS). The integration allows BytePro users to order and efficiently track their appraisals without ever leaving the BytePro environment.

The integration is designed to simplify the appraisal ordering process for BytePro users while letting ProValu do the heavy-lifting for the order management process. The order form is automatically populated from the details in the loan file, avoiding manual data entry, allowing the user can place the order in our system at a click of a button. In addition to the time-saving automation, the interface ensures compliance with all appraisal independence standards and applicable regulations.

The order is seamlessly delivered to ProValu and the appraisal desk can immediately start processing the order. ProValu’s powerful features enable efficient and compliant management of the order with comprehensive quality control features as well as the ability to submit appraisal reports to the UCDP on the lender’s behalf.

BytePro users can keep track of the entire appraisal process every step of the way by importing the status of the order directly in the loan file. They can also download the completed appraisal reports and all supporting documents into the LOS with a few clicks.